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Uuni Premium Wood Pellet - 3kg or 10kg - UU-PELLETS10

Uuni Premium Wood Pellet - 3kg or 10kg

Price: £18.50
Stock Status: In Stock

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Brand:  Ooni
Stock Status: In Stock
Weight:  10kg
Type: Accessories
This is the official Uuni Premium Wood Pellet and comes in a 3kg or 10kg bag. It's what we use at HQ to power our own Ooni pizza ovens - the pellets light easily, burn efficiently and produce very little ash waste.

The 3kg bag will last a good 3-4 hours of continuous cook and the 10kg 10-12 hours

The pellets are 'food safe' and suitable to use in Ooni pizza ovens as well as other pellet grills and barbecues.
  • 6mm diameter
  • 100% Beech 
  • Ash content: ≤0.7%
  • Moisture content: <10%
  • Calorific value: 4.8KWhr/kg

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