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Our well equipped workshop offer servicing and repairs for all types of garden and estate equipment  such as mowers, chainsaws, strimmers, sharpening, ride-on mowers, compact tractors and utility vehicles.  We have a dedicated grinding room for cylinder grinding.  We also operate an on-site service option with our dedicated mobile technicians.

If you require a service or repair, please click on the box below or alternatively contact our service team.

Tel: 01732 74 1177 option 2
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Aspen Fuel

One of the main problems we face on a daily basis is the fuel used in garden machinery.  Unleaded fuel contains Ethanol, Benzene, Sulphur and Aromatics which deteriorates quickly and emits unpleasant exhaust fumes.  Stale fuel also corrodes carburettors, particularly on 2 stroke machines, that why at Godfreys we fill the machines that we service with Aspen fuel, an Alkylate petrol product.  This product has no Ethanol and only tiny levels of Benzene, Sulphur and aromatics, so is kinder on your engine, on you and the environment. It lasts up to 3 years in the tank and comes either pre-mixed for 2-stroke engines or neat for 4-Stroke engines.

Godfreys will also be filling all new machines purchased from us with Aspen, consequently, you will be able to purchase Aspen fuels from us.  We will also continue to stock Stihl’s MotoMix, an equivalent product. We believe this investment in your machinery will give you significant rewards.