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Godfreys Spare Parts

We stock thousands of lines and covering many brands.  We also pride ourselves on great parts availability.  As a John Deere main dealers we have availability to John Deere’s  40,000 lines based at their UK distribution centre in  Nottinghamshire.  96% of all orders are fulfilled immediately by this centre with 3% shipped from Germany by 10am the next morning.  The remaining 1% come from Milan, USA, the day after.  In Germany John Deere stock 205,000 lines with a further 400,000 stocked in the USA.

Following our acquisition of Tylers Distribution, a wholesaler of garden machinery and parts to the trade, our levels and range of parts has increased significantly.  We stock a huge quantity of Stihl, Hayter and Honda parts plus many other brands.

If you require spare parts, please click on the box below or alternatively contact our service team.

Tel: 01732 74 1177 option 1
Email: jamie.stanley@godfreys.com